KLeineR BäR

Bienvenue à tous vous au site web pour des ours, des chiens et bien sûr des copains des ours et des chiens. Savourez découvrir ce site web.

Be welcome to the website for bears, dogs, and of course all friends of them. Enjoy getting around here.

*Wuuuf* auf der bärigen Webseite für Hunde und Bären. Viel Freude beim Entdecken dieser digitalen Hundewiese.

La Photo

Eine Erinnerung an alte Zeiten im Park des Haus Dassel in Allagen-Warstein

Le QuotiChien - Der Alltagshund

Frisch geschrieben - Schreibekäse:

Laternenpfahl Apr.-Jun. 2020 – 2020-05-18 2020-05-11 2020-04-30 The hits are coming nearer. Today I learnt that a guy, who was a manager with dorv shop, died of Covid on Tuesday 27. Sadly Germany's government refused to preparing for pandemics although it was warned in 2012 by Rober Koch institute. As long as we elect silly politicians, this can happen any time anywhere Also, while everyone seems to be telling that the safeguard of life is paramount, it feels weird that over the last years, we haven't stuck to this rule, otherwise advertisment for alcool would have already been banned as well as for cigarettes and smoking, we would have saved those people in refugee camps and from the sea and checked for their eligibility for asylum later, we would have introduced speed limits for streets no higher than 100kmh, we would have prepared for pandemics well, we wouldn't have cut on hospitals, retirement homes and long-term care homes, and certainly one couldn't explain why we send soldiers and civilians to death by leading war if we had stuck to this rule 2020-04-14 Auf dem Land zu leben hat in dieser Zeit von El Corona einen Vorteil: die Möglichkeit spazieren zu gehen und immer …

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