Ways of Behaviour

You are standing in front of a behaviour and you are musing about what you could possibly do with it. Before you get intricate, there are only three options we can choose from, regardless of the field you are in; be it therapeutic, be it educational, or be it training. Starting at deciding which of these you want to strengthen might help you get it more straightforward and clearer. Although there are many layers forming the fabric called behaviour at which you can start, for instance the body, or the environment, they all lead to these three results depicted on the poster. So let's start at where you want the behaviour to go to.

Du stehst vor einem Verhalten und denkst aus irgendeinem Grund darüber nach was du damit machen kannst. Bevor du es kompliziert machst, es gibt nur drei Möglichkeiten die wir haben, egal in welchem Bereich du bist; sei es therapeutisch, pädagogisch, oder Training. Den Anfang zu machen bei der Entscheidung welchen dieser Hebel du ziehst kann es einfacher und übersichtlich machen. Obwohl es mehrere Schichten gibt, aus denen das gemacht ist was Verhalten genannt wird, bei denen du anfangen kannst - zum Beispiel der Körper, oder die Umwelt, führen sie alle zu den drei Ergebnissen die auf dem Poster dargestellt werden. Also beginne damit wo das Verhalten hingehen soll.

Train for Rewards Blog Party 2019

Donated to the Companion Animal Psychology Party 2019 by David - My 2017 contribution can be found here.

The 2019 Blog Party contribution is stored in the Lequotichien section. It's a composition of the French words le, quotidien, and chien meaning the everyday dog, the name of a fictional dog impersonating a dog that has all the traits to deal with its everyday challenges while staying mentally and behaviourally healthy - key words are positive psychology and empowerment training. In this section, I publish free and easy-to-access information on how to get your dog to this point.